Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Bahamas in pictures

Last week, Travis and I took a much-longed-for cruise to the Bahamas. And oh man, it was wonderful. And too short. And I'm already planning our next cruise.

Above: Travis and I waiting for the ship to leave port in Miami.
Above: We watched from our balcony as the ship left Miami. 
Above: First sunset at sea, Miami on the horizon.
Above: Sunrise over Freeport.
Above: Norwegian Sky docked in Freeport.
Above: Cupcake decorating on the ship.
Above: Shuffleboard playing on the ship. We were horrible.
 Above: Sunrise on the sea.
 Above: More of that sunrise, as we were pulling into Nassau. I loved that lighthouse.
 Above: We went on a Jeep excursion around Nassau. After we drove around the island, we stopped at a beautiful private beach.
Above: Gorgeous beach entrance.
 Above: Party waiting for us as we returned to the ship.
Above: Playing with our new towel friend and enjoying a game of Deal or No Deal on the ship.
Above: There's nothing more beautiful than a sunset over the ocean.
Above: The Sky anchored nearby to its private island, Great Stirrup Cay. 

Can we go back, now?

We left Cohen at my parents' house for the week (and they had their own vacation) because we were worried about bringing a small child on the ship, but we quickly found out that he would have loved the boat and everything it had to offer. Our next cruise, Cohen will absolutely be a part of it. Anyone want to go with us next time? Maybe a Disney cruise?!