Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Laundry Room (and an edit)

Let me introduce you to my new love. Her name is Lady, and she is so pretty.

I really wish I had a before picture to highlight the dramatic difference. But since I don't, just imagine a total builder's grade laundry room: beige walls, white wire shelf, ugly and cheap ceiling fixture. She wasn't so much of a lady back then.

The whole transformation started when our old, old, old dryer broke just days before Christmas. I wasn't sad.

So we did some quick homework and bought these pretty little things.

And then we thought, Well, since we've got new appliances, why don't we just fix up the laundry room?

And fix up, we did.

The framed art? I made it.

Looks good, right?

You want them?

Who's your favorite blogger?

 The prints are suitable for 8x10 pictures. The laundry guide is suitable for 4x6 print.

And now for some specifics:
  • glass containers from Hobby Lobby (except the glass bottle -- that's from Ikea)
  • lighting from Ikea
  • all frames from Hobby Lobby
  • red rugs from Ikea
  • Iron holder and ironing board hooks from Ikea
  • shelving from Ikea
  • baskets from Ikea
  • Laundry Room plaque from Hobby Lobby
  • stainless steel drying rack from Ikea
  • plastic drawer tower from Target
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 then, she {snapped}

And now for my 2nd ever Edit Me Challenge. I tell you, they're not kidding when they call it a challenge.

This week's picture was a booger. I would compare it to one of those 1 million piece puzzles that's impossible to complete.  I guess I'm just not used to editing landscape photos. I much prefer people.

But the picture itself is gorgeous. I mean, hello, paradise.

Here's the original SOOC:

And here's my edit:

Here's what I did:
I cropped the photo. I felt like the original had a lot going on, and I wanted to just focus on one thing.
With the cropping, I needed to also clone out some of the balcony and a part of the tree on the right hand side of the picture.
Then, I added some contrast to the picture and increased the saturation a bit.
I gave the picture a little bit of a cross processing effect and then softened the entire picture to give it a hazy feel.

Here's a side-by-side comparison:
Edit Me


  1. Ah LOVE the laundry room! Sooo going to IKEA asap... :)

  2. Your laundry room looks fantastic!!! And I love the art you made! I wish I could be as crafty as you.

  3. Beautiful laundry room! I love having the shelf above the washer and drier. Very handy!

  4. The laundry room is amazing! Our dryer died just after Thanksgiving - It looks like we bought the same dryer as you. I love it! Wishing my washer would die so I could justify the expense but she's humming along still. Bookmarking this for all the fabulous ideas and running off to Ikea in the near future!

  5. LOVE the saturation! Its awesome! and way to go girl on the laundry room! AMazing!

  6. Your laundry room is amazing...Love it..Awesome job...I love the effects in your edit, the saturation adds an even more beautiful effect to the photo..Great re-do..Stopping in from edit me today..Officially your newest happy follower here :))

  7. I'm new to your blog and I love what you did to your laundry room. It makes me want to do something special to my laundry are.....but mine is in the garage so it would take a lot to make it look cute like yours. :) Happy WW.

  8. Oh my gosh, I came here to check out your edit. Love the cross process effect, btw. Now I am just drooling over that laundry room. Amazing!!!

  9. I like how you cropped it in. Great edit.

  10. OMGosh! LOVE LOVE LOVE the hazy look to your edit! It's just beautiful all around!

  11. Oh my goodness!!!! I love, love, love your laundry room. I WANT!!

    Also love what you did for edit me. Great job.

  12. Fantastic laundry room! Well done!

  13. I have got some serious laundry room envy going on now ;) And wonderful edit on the edit me challenge


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