Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A WW Consignment Brag...

Consignment shopping:

Also purchased (and already packed away until Christmas): 5 board books, 6 puzzles, a bag of cars, a trailor that carries some Matchbox cars, a small Tonka truck, a giant Tonka truck, a Cars racing toy, Tickle Me Elmo, a Cars play set, 2 packages of plastic animals,  a hardhat/toolbelt/goggles set, and a big Home Depot tool bench complete with battery-powered drills, saws, and other tools I don't know the name of <---- most exciting purchase!

Grand total: $193.00!


  1. Not bad!!! I think you totally scored for what you paid!

    I used to get great deals like that when the kids were little. Now it's so much harder & there aren't any good shops around here. Maybe I need to go on a hunt.


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