Saturday, June 15, 2013

2 Weeks In-- more thoughts

1. Brother love. Omg, I had no idea how strong or how sweet it would be or how quickly it would happen, but these brothers love each other. I have never seen Cohen act so loving and gentle around anyone the way he is around Reid. He never wants to be away from his brother, and it really bothers him when Reid is upset. And Reid? He will cry and cry, but if big brother starts singing to him, he calms right down. And when big brother holds him or snuggles with him, he's as happy as can be. I'm already seeing Reid watch Cohen and focus on his face. I am so excited to see these boys love each other in the coming years. 

2. Germ sharing.  Not even 2 weeks in, and it happened. Cohen came down with a cold last weekend. I didn't think much of it (because who gets a cold in June?!) and I actually brushed it off as being those molars trying to pop through. Nevertheless, I tried to keep the boys separated just in case he was germy. Turns out, he was, and by Monday, poor Reid had his first cold. It was short lived, thank goodness, but our Monday was filled with a fussy and congested newborn. I'm sure that's the first if many more shared sicknesses. 

3. Baby wearing. I never thought of myself as a baby wearer, but this baby is not happy if he is not being held. I pulled out my Moby wrap from when Cohen was a newborn, and Reid snuggled right in and fell asleep. And I was able to do stuff! So great. So now Reid is worn a lot. And he is one happy baby. 

4. Nursing. It's going so well, and that surprises me considering how uncomfortable I was with it when Cohen was a newborn. I am really enjoying the whole experience. Reid is an excellent nurser and is happiest when he is in my arms right next to his food source. He is gaining weight fabulously (which is a huge praise since he lost so much weight in the hospital and everyone wanted me to supplement with formula), and I'm feeling really good. I've had a few more nursing in my car moments, and I'm beginning to feel more confident about that as well. The longer we go at this, the more I value it and it becomes more important to me. 

5. Cohen. He's all toddler. And we all know how delightful toddlers are, especially when they've been cooped up at home for a few days and left to their own devices. Thankfully, he loves his baby and shows no sign of jealously, but he is testing the boundaries with mommy and daddy. I hate having to get on him so much. He is still very much daddy's sidekick, but I've noticed him letting me back in this week. I've gotten a few snuggles and a couple "I love you"s. My sister spent the night with us this week to spend quality time with Cohen, and that boy was in Heaven. It was so wonderful to see him get that one-in-one attention he craved, and I am really looking forward to getting back to that soon. 

6. Reid. I feel like I am fighting time. I hate that 2 weeks have already passed. I so desperately want to pause life right now and just enjoy it for as long as I can. He's a precious baby. He loves to snuggle and be held. He is impatient and hates being undressed. He is starting to look around. He makes the sweetest little noises when he has a full belly. It is both difficult and so wonderful having him here. I can't wait to see who he'll become, but I also just don't want him to grow up yet. 

7. Recovery. Physically, I feel great. I know I haven't recovered yet, but I feel really good. I have to remind myself to slow down a lot. Emotionally, I'm feeling really good too. The crying sessions have decreased dramatically. I'm still very much on the lookout for any sign of postpartum depression, and apparently so is everyone else I love. I didn't realize how much it affected those close to me last time, but its pretty safe to say that *no one* wants to go through that again. My 2 week hormonal grace period has expired now, so at the first sign of crazy, I'll be calling my midwife for help. 

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