Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We're back. After a month of silence, we're back to business over here.

Don't let me fool you -- over the past 4 weeks, there was very little silence in this house. Very few blissful, sweet moments of silence. See, I learned something this past month; something that has impacted me pretty strongly: three babies are tough. A friend commented last week at church that there's a reason God designed it to take nearly a year before a woman could have another baby -- because multiple babies plus a toddler will take it out of you. My hats off to mommas of multiples.

Cohen and I enjoyed the babies. We loved playing with them and talking to them and learning body parts by using them as our models. He surprised me with how gentle and loving and caring he was to the babies. He gave them their bottles and pacifiers and dabbed their mouths with burp cloths. He burped them and sang to them and shared his cars with them. He was never jealous of them. He was such a good boy. He is the best boy.

But now, we're both sick of this house, and we can think of no worse way to spend our time than being cooped up in this house. We want to get out and explore and play. We've got some neglected friends we want to spend some time with. We've got some parks and playgrounds and fun activities we want to enjoy. Basically, we've got all summer to kick back and have fun!

Cohen's changed so much over the past month. I can't wait to write about all the fun new things he does. I'm afraid that by not writing about the little things all month that I've forgotten some of them.

But for now? For now, we're going to eat chocolate chip muffins and run outside and play with friends.

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