Monday, January 28, 2013

Menu Planning Monday v.2

How is it already the end of January? Wasn't it just Thanksgiving? Who pushed the fast forward button?

This week marks 1 month that I've planned out meals for my family at the beginning of the week. It has created a pretty significant shift in lifestyle for our family and has kept me accountable at meal times. I can no longer use the excuse, "OH! I forgot to thaw the chicken! We'll have to go to Waffle House tonight!" I am the master of finding ways to get to Waffle House... oh hash browns. I have also begun to include Travis in the planning, and I think he likes knowing what to expect for the week. I know I do. Organization and structure: you are my friends.

Last week, due to a bad crampy day on Wednesday, we dined on exquisite cheeseburgers and french fries from Wendy's, and even though I had a legitimate excuse for not cooking dinner for my family, I still felt incredibly guilty. So we had the pizza bread on Thursday and kept the chicken pockets in the freezer for this week. The beauty of frozen leftovers.

Here's this week's menu, provided I don't find an excuse to get us in front of a waffle and an order of hash browns, scattered and topped. It is the end of the month, and the end of my January grocery budget, so I had to dig in the freezer a little to create dinners this week.

                                        via                                                                           via

Fish sticks
Macaroni and cheese
sweet peas
dinner rolls

Edit: this got moved to Wednesday night, and the enchiladas were delicious. The white sauce tasted more like a gravy, and if I had left out the green chiles, it would have been more like a chicken and dumplings meal.
White chicken enchiladas
black beans


Edit: This meal got moved to the following week.
parmesan pasta


Edit: This meal got moved to the following week.
leftover Creamy Chicken Pockets (frozen from another week)
rice pilaf
green peas
dinner rolls

Family Date Night!

Kitchen's closed

Spaghettios after church

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