Monday, January 21, 2013

Back in the Game?

Hi. Remember me? Seems I dropped off the radar for a good 6 months.

Yeah, sorry about that.

The good news is I didn't die. We're all thriving over here, so that's good. In fact, we've been doing a bit of multiplying. What? Yup, we're pregnant! With a little brother who should be making his way by the end of May. Smile.

So, let's rewind a bit. I believe the last time I checked in was to share our cruise vacation back in September, but even before then, my posting had become scarce. There were a few reasons for that, but I will firmly place morning sickness as reason #1. I found out about Baby Brother 2 days before we left for our cruise, and I began feeling sick and sleepy and all around worthless on the cruise. I also think I was a bit burned out from blogging; I had a dwindling list of things to write about and felt that I'd rather not post anything rather than post useless, random stuff. Finally, I was beginning to feel a bit worn from exposing my life and my family's life on the internet. The primary purpose of the blog is and has always been to share stories and pictures with family and friends, but the fact is, this is the internet. And on the internet, anyone can  see what I share. Even people who I don't want to share information with.

But the fact is, I miss blogging. I miss having this place to share stories and pictures. I treasure the year I have documented on this blog, the ups and downs I recorded. The pictures of Cohen. The truth is, when the blogging stopped, so did a lot of the picture taking. I want to get back in the game.

Things will probably change a bit because, hey, my life has changed a bit. I have ideas for new things I want to talk about and a new little person I want to talk about. So stick with me. I'm back.


Comments? Yes, please!