Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Planning Monday

So, a new thing I want to try: sharing my meal plans. I have only been serious about meal plans for a few weeks now, but it has been such a great thing in my life and for my sanity (and for husband's belly), that I want to keep it up.

And what better way to keep up with a new skill than to be held accountable for it?

And what better way to be held accountable than to blog about it?

Here goes. I will link to the recipes I use. Heck, I may even write separate posts about some of the best meals we eat. Because I'm crazy like that.

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green beans
dinner rolls
Edit: this dinner was sooooo good. It was so easy to prepare, and it did the work all on it's own. The stuffing was nice and soft and the flavor was amazing. Travis did request that I cut the chicken breasts in smaller pieces next time. Good old fashioned comfort food.

baked tacos
black beans
Spanish rice

parmesan pasta

leftover Creamy Chicken Pockets (frozen from another week)
rice pilaf
green peas
dinner rolls

Family Date Night!

Kitchen's closed

grilled cheese sandwiches
tomato soup


  1. I actually was just telling Heather to do grilled cheese and soup yesterday. It's easy, and we need those easy days. Also, my kitchen is closed Saturday and Sunday (dinner's on Tim).

  2. Mmmm ... I love a good grilled cheese. Travis has to eat 2 to feel "kinda full." Whatever that means. Sunday nights we get home from church late and either have leftovers or PB&J or grilled cheese. Cohen's favorite dinner night :)
    ...although last night I had a hot ham and cheese sandwich from Hardee's and *almost* went back for another one, it was so good...


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