Thursday, January 24, 2013

Toddler Talk

It could just be because I'm his momma and think he hung the moon, but I seriously think everything Cohen says is hilarious.

This age is tons of fun -- not so much for the boundary testing and tantrums, but for being able to sit back and watch my child play with words and figure out how to get those thoughts in his head out into the world. Toddlers are silly people, I tell you.

Cohen says so many things that catch me off guard or make me giggle or tear up, and I catch myself making a mental note to remember what he just said forever. But that's not working too well for me these days. Seems I'm forgetting everything. So I figured I'd use this space to record some of the best things that come out of my kid's mouth, and I'd love to hear about the silly things that your kids say as well!

In the grocery store, after I had just put a package of toilet paper in the cart:

Cohen: What's that?
Mommy: That's toilet paper. We use it when we go potty.
Cohen: Daddy goes potty.
Mommy: Yes, he does.
Cohen (loudy): Daddy poops!
Mommy (laughing): Yes, Daddy poops.
Cohen (as we passed by each stranger in the store for the rest of our shopping trip): Hi! Daddy poops!

At our evening prayers one night after being at church with his friend, Ava:

Cohen: Dear Jesus, thank you for Ava. Ava take my Goldfish. Ava take my juice. Ava take my car. Daddy take my football. Amen.

Makes me glad I didn't do anything to cross him that day so he didn't have anything about me to tattle to Jesus.

Cohen: More snack, Mommy?
Mommy: It's all gone. You ate it all.
Cohen: More snack?
Mommy: It's all in your belly.
Cohen (lifting up his shirt and looking at his stomach): No snack,just baby.

After singing 4 rounds of If You're Happy and You Know It, I had run out of ways to keep the song going, so Cohen picked it up:

Cohen: If you're happy and you know it ... shake your hiney! (followed by some very skillful low-to-the-ground booty shaking).

At bath time, I dropped a bath fizzy into the bath. We usually have fun with the fizzies because they turn the water different colors. This night, we used a yellow bath fizzy:

Cohen: Bath time! Bath time!
Mommy: What color is the water tonight, Cohen?
Cohen: Pee pee.


  1. Haha, he must make your day that much brighter!! And very belated congratulations on your baby news!!!

  2. Oh yes, he is such a little funny blessing! Thanks!


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