Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Currently feeling: Icky. Travis and I have done a mini-overhaul on our diet over the past week, complete with adding some multi-vitamins. I think my vitamins are a little too pontent and are throwing my body for a loop.

Currently watching: Cohen push his wagon of blocks across the living room floor, stopping only for brief and impromptu dance parties when music on TV strikes his fancy. That boy's got some sick moves.

Currently planning: Looking forward to naptime so I can jump in the shower and get my couponing on. After naptime hopefully I'll still have motivation to go vote. I'm very underwhelmed.

Currently dreading: Standing in a long line at the polling place with my toddler.

Currently excited about: New babies! One friend is being induced today and should meet her little girl shortly. One friend is due this summer and just found out she's having a boy. I've already done some shopping :). And another friend is going back to work after her maternity leave and is trusting me to watch her sweet boy while she's at work. It's a baby overload, and it's so exciting!

Currently confused about: Why all last week all I wanted was a pimento cheese sandwich, and now that I finally have all the ingredients, a pimento cheese sandwhich sounds absolutely horrible.

Currently praying for: Lots of families taking a journey through adoption and trusting that God will provide all their needs.

Currently amazed by: How big this boy of mine is getting. This weekend, he graduated to a pillow and blankets and stuffed animal in his crib. Pure joy for that little boy. Utter sweetness.

Currently hearing: Cohen is really picking up words now. He's playing by himself and I hear jabber jabber jabber cookie jabber jabber jabber thank you jabber jabber jabber church jabber jabber jabber woof woof jabber Elmo.

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