Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Things have been different around here lately.

We've got a new friend who hangs out with us during the day. An itty bitty and absolutely precious new friend.
Cohen and I are pretty smitten with the little guy. I shared some concerns a few weeks ago of some feelings of guilt I was feeling for dividing my attention between two sweet boys equally deserving of 100% of my attention. The reality is, there's not much to feel guilty about. I get lots of quality snuggle time in with the baby before Cohen wakes up in the morning, and by the time Cohen's up, the baby's asleep. Both boys really enjoy each other's company -- probably more than mine-- and are perfectly happy being face-to-face jabbering and squealing in their own baby language.

I read in a week-by-week baby development email that this is the time my baby would begin to develop his independence. I was warned tantrums and testing of boundaries would be a part of the deal. Cohen must have read the email, too. This boy has more emotions than a 13 year old girl. And they change just as quickly, too.

He has also decided that now he wants to be shy around strangers, and this baffles me because my boy has never been shy.  We went out to dinner this weekend, and he flirted with the waitresses just fine --from afar. All that flirting drew them near, and as they approached Cohen, he got a look of sheer panic on his face (I can only describe it as a "Oh, crap! They're coming over here!" look) and lowered his head to the table. And that's how he stayed, forehead on table, until they left. Such a mess.

On Saturday, we enjoyed a St. Patrick's day festival, complete with corn dogs and balloons.  That boy loves him a corn dog. It entertained him for the entire hour Dada and I wandered around the festival.

The boy never ceases to surprise me. We saw a giant tooth at the festival and Cohen immediately went to pointing and exclaiming, "See? See?" So we went up to the giant tooth. I figured after his stranger shyness the night before, he'd get close and be terrified. Nope. He loved the tooth. He probably would have stayed there the entire if we would have let him. Oh, that boy.

So basically, we've just been lying low the last few weeks. I'm learning how to care for and entertain two little people all day, and that's pretty exhausting. And very fun. And time-consuming. And the antithesis of boring. But how could life be boring when you've got a goofball like this?

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