Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby Lovin'

Some things that are loved:

Cohen is getting super picky about what he allows in his mouth during meal times.  But he loves loves loves bananas and yogurt, so I'm always guaranteed that he'll eat at least something healthy three times a day. Frozen yogurt bites via Pinterest (I use Greek yogurt for the extra protein). Baby loves 'em.

That little boy with his little mind of his own. He is exhaustingly stubborn and fiercely independent and exactly what I need in life. He makes me think, and he makes me laugh. I am in total awe of him. Mama loves him.

Little boy toes. They are usually dirty and sometimes even stinky, but they have a way of searching for and finding Mama's toes. Cohen rubs them against me any time he can. Playing footsie: Mama and baby love it.

That smile. Oh, that smile. Mama loves it.

Evening play times. We break out the sidewalk chalk. We run in the grass. We practice throwing and catching balls. Daddy and Cohen chase the dog around the yard. Cohen and the dog love it.

How cuddily Cohen gets when he's sleepy. Mama loves it (and takes full advantage of it).

His daddy. Daddy plays rough. Daddy always makes room on the couch. Daddy can always make Cohen laugh. Daddy is fun. Cohen loves him.

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  1. Love this!! The pic of the feet is just Gorgeous!! (love his onsie suit below too!!)


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