Sunday, April 22, 2012

All Before His Morning Nap

Life with th little guy gets a little ... busy sometimes. He is on the go from the moment he wakes up until he falls asleep again. And usually he's moving in his sleep as well.

Last Friday was particularly exhausting. Between his busy-ness and the little friend we keep during the day, I spent the entire morning pulled in two different directions. I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, though -- I wouldn't trade my days with these two sweet boys for anything. I'm just glad only one of them is mobile :)

Cohen started his streak of up-to-no-good by making a bee line straight to the computer during the 2 minutes I had my back turned and my attention diverted. He was in the chair and typing away before I knew it. I guess I had more of a sense of humor that day because I decided to let him do his thing and just watch (and take pictures) and enjoy letting my boy discover.

I love this face -- the classic "Caught ya!" face. Think he knows he's not supposed to be up there?

That boy is obsessed with the computer. And he surprises me with how he seems to already know how to use the keyboard and mouse.

After a few minutes, he started creating a mess, so I put him back on the floor and turned clean up after him. When I turned back around, this is what I saw:

Don't tell that boy he can't do something -- like play in the exersaucer -- because he will find a way to do just that.

It didn't take long for him to grow bored and look for something else to do. Like climb on the couch. It's one of his favorite pasttimes lately.

And when he finished being nosey, he settled down in front of the window and watched the dogs play in the back yard. If he had any energy to spare, he probably would have found a way to get out there to run with the dogs.

Instead, he settled for a cup of milk and a snuggle before climbing up the stairs while asking for night-night. This boy who plays hard sleeps just as hard.

Thank goodness.

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