Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Festival

Saturday afternoon, we packed up the crew and headed out to an Easter Festival. The festival was hosted by a church in a little square in the middle of downtown. They advertised a 4,000 Easter egg hunt, and I'm quite certain they drew in that many people to the tiny square. We were packed in, but Cohen had a blast and we were with family, so we were all happy.

We arrived just moments before the big hunt started, and before we staked out a prime egg-hunting spot, we let Cohen meet some of the fun people -- like this giant elephant.

We scoped out a spot next to a little piece of grass laden with multi-colored eggs. While the MC announced the rules of the hunt, Cohen got sneaky and took a little head start. It's a good thing he did, because within a minute of the official start, all the eggs had been picked up. It didn't phase Cohen one bit, though -- he had a blast dancing to the music while people around him frantically grabbed at eggs.

Cohen walked away with a grand 3 eggs in his basket, 2 of which he picked up "illegally" before the hunt officially started. He was so proud of his little basket.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing at the park and eating candy. Cohen's favorite? A sucker, preferrably dipped in snow cone, please.

Before we headed home, we decided to let Cohen meet the Easter bunny. As we stood in line, we watched as child after child was placed on the bunny's lap, only to scream their heads off in terror. I mean, I can't really blame those poor kids. The Easter bunny is pretty creepy. But Cohen was a champ. He got really shy at first and dropped his head, but it only took a few seconds and some prompting from Nana and Aunt Tori before he was smiling and happy. That's my boy.

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