Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Well, this little family enjoyed our Easter this year.

Easter is such a special time for me because of its significance. I love the conversations centered around Jesus and salvation. I love the optimism and the hope. I love how everything is fresh and new and beautiful. And let's be real -- I love the candy.

But I discovered one more incredibly special thing about Easter this year -- sharing it with my son. Yeah, we celebrated Easter last year, but he was still very much a baby blob back then. This year, we really interacted. This year, he was excited about "chuchhhh" and listening to me explain to him what Easter is all about. He even sang along to "He Arose!" with me.

I think the absolute best part of holidays is sharing them with my son.

Cohen's basket this year centered around 3 of Cohen's favorite things: Sesame Street, books, and cars. It may have also contained a few of his parents' favorite things as well: namely, chocolate.

Daddy and I now have a nice little stash of Reese's eggs tucked away in the refrigerator. We're hoping it'll last us until Memorial Day. But truth be told, I'll be shocked if we still have any by the end of the week. Self-control is non-existent when it comes to Reese's.

Cohen zoned in on the cars as soon as he saw the basket. That boy loves his cars. His second favorite item is the beginner Bible which was actually a gift from his grandparents. We spent the entire day playing cars and flipping through the Bible (and reading stories just before bedtime).

And, of course, we ate a lot of chocolate. So much that now my son knows to say "choc-ot" when he wants a bite.

He did some damage to that poor bunny. Although, after he got a mouthful, he was more interested in squeezing the melting chocolate in his fingers and flinging at his daddy. Reason #5063839 why I love that kid.

And for fun, here's a comparison of chocolate-eating pictures from the past two years. Last year, he was 5 months old. This year, he was just shy of 17 months old.

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