Friday, April 27, 2012

Labeled Little Moment

Here's a little tidbit about me: I like to label the little moments.

Like, "This is the last time I'll run my fingers through Cohen's hair before he gets it all chopped off" or "This is the last vacation I'll take where I can be selfish and not worry about what children want to do" or "This is the last dinner when I can order whatever I want without worrying about how the calories will stick to my thighs ... until the next pregnancy." 

This week, I've been labeling like crazy: the last afternoon nap when I'm pretty much guaranteed 2-3 hours of peace, the last weekday I'll probably be able to get dressed before dinner time, the last park visit for the next month.

You see, starting Monday, we'll be getting another little friend during the day. So that means 3 babies under the age of 2. A newborn, an infant, and a toddler. I must be crazy. I'm definitely a little terrified. I'm super excited.

I've tried to take advantage of the freedom I have with just 2 babies this week: a trip to the grocery store, just me and the babies (which, by the way, was a nightmare, and I'm pretty sure the people at Publix clapped when I finally left their store) and a trip to the park (much easier and more pleasant experience thanks to some supermom friends). 

I'm pretty sure my brain is blocking all memories of the grocery trip, so I don't have much more to share about that, but I have some pretty sweet things to share from our park trip. Starting with how excited this boy got when he heard the word park. The moment I uttered the word, he went about collecting shoes and his hat, all while squealing "Park! Park! Outside! Bye bye!" He was in pure park-and-corndog bliss.

Every time we go to the park, he amazes me with how much more he is able to do by himself. 
Climb through tunnels? No sweat.

Slide down giant slides all by himself? Piece of cake.

Climb up and down stairs with no help at all? I got this, Mom.

Gosh, that boy. I love him. And I am so thankful every day (but especially on days like this) that I get to spend his days with him, watching him grow and change. He really is a gift.

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  1. aww you got really great pictures of Cohen at the park moma! Such a talented photographer!


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