Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Boo Boo

Guess what happens when you've got a crazy active toddler who's not afraid of anything? 

You get a toddler prone to accidents and nasty boo boos.

I almost didn't share these pictures. I almost put the camera away with no intentions of taking any pictures of my boy until the bruise faded. I hate the reminder that this sweet baby hurts. To be honest, I am {ashamedly} embarrassed of the boo boo. It makes me feel like I am bad mother. I feel like it screams to the world that I am neglectful.

But this blog is here to document him, to document us, and this is a part of us. This is what happened in June when Cohen was close to 19 months old. This is the result of a happy baby who loves to run and be chased by his buddies. And accidents happen. They happen to everyone -- even babies with loving and watchful mommies. There's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

I took Cohen to the park today to enjoy the perfect weather. While he squealed and laughed and climbed and played, I kept glancing around, looking for the judging eyes of others. Expecting to see another mommy staring at my baby or whispering to a friend. And you know what? God sent me an grandfather looking after his three grandchildren. Cohen was drawn to him, wanting to play with his toes and waving and playing peek-a-boo.

That grandfather stood next to me as we watched our children climb up stairs and slide down slides, and he chuckled, "Your boy so young to be all out there, isn't he? I bet he'll get a lot more bruises in the coming years."

And with that comment, I relaxed. Without saying so, he let me know that the boo boo is normal. My baby is normal. And I'm a good mother.

Oh, and someone loves playing in his new pool :)

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  1. Nawwww!!! Such a normal feeling!! Kids are gunna get bruises, and as much as we hate seeing them get hurt, we have to let them learn! Id really love to wrap Lachy in bubble-wrap to keep him safe, but my Hubby wont let me!!


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