Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 5 Pictures

Today I'm participating in a fun little challenge: the top 5 pictures I took of Cohen during the months of April, May, and June. And, I tell you, I'm a little disappointed with how few pictures I actually took this quarter. No excuses for the months of July, August, and September: I've gotta step it up!

Picture 1 - Spaghetti Night

This picture make me smile. Cohen is really mastering the use of forks and spoons. 

He's so serious and deliberate about it that you can't help but just watch him when he eats. And I find myself holding an imaginary fork in my hand and bringing it to my mouth as he brings his fork to his mouth. I get so wrapped up in his eating process that my mouth opens when his does to get that food in. 

Sometimes, near the end of meal time, he starts to get a little tired of working the fork that he'll pick up a piece of food with his finger, place it on the fork, and bring it to his mouth.

Sometimes he throws the fork onto the floor and just digs right in with both hands. And I mean, can you really blame the kid? Sometimes food just tastes better when you can get your hands dirty.

Picture 2 -- Dipping a Toe In

Spring break. A super hot day. Cohen's first introduction to playing in water (outside the bathtub). We had so much fun that day playing with friends. I always love watching Cohen experience something new: he always starts off a little unsure and will work and practice until he's a pro. Like getting into the water. It started off like the picture above, cautious and timid. By the end of the day, he was practically jumping in.

Picture 3 -- Touchdown

Quite possibly one of my things about having a baby is having a little person to teach cute but useless skills. Like throwing up his arms and shouting "Touchdown!" on command. Adorable.

Picture 4 -- Laugh

There are a gazillion things that I love about my son. I love the way he looks as he's scoping out a new situation. I love the sound of his voice as he sings his own songs in his own baby language. I love how his little hand reaches up for mine when we walk. But I really love how excited he gets over seemingly ordinary things. On this day, we were outside, and he was playing in his water table. He suddenly realized that he could splash the water out of the table and into himself and me. What joy that brought to all involved.

Picture 5 -- Memorial Day

Know what I learned over Memorial Day weekend? As much as Cohen likes to play in his water table, as much as he likes to splash around in the bath tub, he's not a huge fan of being the target of a water sprinkler.



  1. Love that one of him dipping a toe in the water. Great capture!

  2. Oh my! I love these. So handsome. That last one is great.

  3. Love that laughing shot - so happy!

    He is ADORABLE!
    Makes me miss my little men who are now grown up to big men.


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