Monday, June 18, 2012

Little Cupcake

Hey! 200th post! Let's celebrate with some cake.

Let me just take a few moments to share some pictures from this weekend. Cohen's buddy Ryder (or Whyyyy-da, as Cohen calls him) had his second birthday party, and boy did we party it up! Such a good time with such great friends. God has truly blessed me with the friendships of such wonderful women, and the fact that they have kids around the same age as mine makes things even sweeter. Cohen loves his buddies. I love their mommas. We all win.

Back to the party -- my boy had a blast. Toys, meeting new people, pizza, and of course, cupcakes. I think the cupcakes were his favorite part of the day. How do I know? The boy had three of 'em.

He ate his first cupcake at the little table, surrounded by all his friends. After a couple of minutes and the threat of a big mess, I concluded that Cohen was finished and threw away the remaining crumbs and washed his face. We moved into another room to watch the birthday boy open his presents. 

A few presents later, I looked around and realized my son was missing. 

He was back in the kitchen, eating someone else's discarded cupcake.

After a laugh at my little piggy, a mini-meltdown when I took this second cupcake away, and a quick clean-up session, we returned back to the gift-opening festivities. And then I lost my kid again.

Any guess where he was?

Yup, back at the leftover cupcakes.

Oh, that boy.

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