Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life Lately, in list format

1. I currently have 23 meals prepared and frozen in preparation for Little Brother's arrival. And the thing I can't understand is how I haven't spent any extra grocery money to prepare that food. Travis keeps asking me if I'm going to keep this up after life gets back to normal. I hope I can.

2. Speaking of dinners, last night's dinner was to die for. I made Chicken Spinach Cheddar burgers based off of this recipe (I modified it a bit and added a packet of ranch dressing mix) and roasted potatoes. We each ate a burger, went to church, and then came home and agreed to split the leftover burger. Even Cohen got in on the action, and he's not one to like new foods these days.

3. I think my hips are about to shatter. Whether it's from the stress of 9 months of pregnancy or the ninja moves Baby Brother does on them, I don't know. But they're screaming, I tell you.

4. I have been very diligent to appreciate and enjoy every moment of this pregnancy. I have not wished away a single day. But now? I'm real close to being done with it all. I think I've had my fill of pregnancy.

5. I had to go in for a non-stress test on Tuesday to monitor the baby. Thank goodness they weren't monitoring my stress. A tiny room + machines with lots of buttons + a 2.5 year old + a mommy who couldn't move to discipline her son = a disaster.

6. Last night, I watched all the videos I've taken of Cohen since his birth. He was such a fun baby, and I love how obvious it is in the videos how much I adore him. It also flamed the baby fever. And it made me realize that if I would have gotten pregnant with this baby when we first started trying, I would have missed so much of Cohen's babyhood. God knew what he was doing.

7. The last few days, I have been exhausted. To the point where I wake up, feed Cohen breakfast, make sure he's safe and entertained, and go back and lay in bed. And I sleep through his entire naptime. And I yawn throughout the day. On a scale of 1-10, I'm probably at a -4 at being productive.

8. My hospital bag is packed and ready to go. Inside are 2 new pair of really cute pjs and all new toiletries and supplies. Im really bad about not waiting to open and use new stuff, but so far I've been able to restrain myself. I'm so excited to get to the hospital and finally get to use all my new stuff.

9. I love to keep the baby's room open so I can peek inside every time I pass by. And I like to sort through his little clothes and all his supplies. I even have a toy box full of toys in there so Cohen can go in and play. We're all very excited about this little dude.

10. Sometimes I forget or just plain take advantage of how awesome my husband is, and I really shouldn't do that. He is one amazing man, and I'm so lucky to have him.

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