Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ribbit Ribbit (Wordless-ish Wednesday)

A sweet friend from church made Cohen a hat. She's actually been making one for every baby in the church, and it is so much fun looking at all the babies in their cute hats.

Cohen and I are not hat people. I'm not typically a fan of dressing your kid up in silly things, and Cohen, well, he just doesn't want anything on his head (because, then, how could he show off his beautiful white-blonde hair?).

But this hat. This is a hat we both can make an exception for. It's just too adorable. And the joy my baby gets when he sees himself in the mirror is off-the-charts precious.

He will not let me take it off his head. And I'm just fine with that.

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And now it's edit time!

Selena provided the picture this week. Check out her website, it's pretty cool.

Here's the original image. Don't you just love a beach wedding? I was telling a friend just the other day that if I could do my wedding all over again, I'd forget about all the fancy and just have a simple beach wedding. Or a barefoot outdoor wedding. With bbq and lemonade. There's something about the simplicity that is so romantic to me.

Here's my edit:

I cropped the image and cloned out a lot of the distracting sea grass. I brightened the image and added contrast. I also did a lot of work with the background: softening it up and brightening it up even more. Finally, I played with the curves a bit to add a little bit of a pink tint to the entire image.

Here's a side-by-side:

Thanks for the fun picture, Selena! It makes me want to get married all over again :)

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  1. Oh man I love that hat. I think all little kids hats should have ears... seriously.

  2. I love Cohens hat Such a cutie!

    I love the crop you did on this image its gorgeous and it works and its just fantastic!

  3. I really like this edit...the crop is perfect! I love that you can see the facial details....

  4. The tighter crop totally brings them together more and puts the focus on them! What a great eye! Nice work!

  5. And your son is absolutely adorable. Love that photo of just one eye (with the hat). Too cute!

  6. Nice edit.

    Love the hat. What a precious baby.

  7. Love the crop on your edit, it realy made the couple stand out! Lovely!

  8. Such a cute hat and I love the crop you did.

  9. Great the crop!

  10. Beautiful edit! :D i love love love the close crop! I brought mines in as well!

  11. Aweome, awesome, awesome...I vote for you!! LOVE the crop!

  12. That's a great crop - gives it such an intimate feel.

  13. Your little guy is so cute with that adorable hat! Your cropped edit is great!


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