Monday, February 27, 2012

We Like To Eat

I find it pretty funny that every single picture I took last week centered around food. Maybe it was because we ate some good stuff last week. Maybe it was because the only time my kid sits still for more than 30 seconds is when there's food in front of him. Whatever the reason, babies with food can make some quite fun pictures.

Thursday, we enjoyed the beautiful weather and spent most of the day outside. We even enjoyed a picnic of peanut butter pita sandwiches and graham crackers.

Saturday's lunch was a bit messier but still just as fun. The boy is growing more and more true to his toddlerhood and is becoming pickier and pickier by the day. Veggies? No thanks. Oh, veggies with cheese sauce? That's more like it!
(I laugh because I love to tease one of my mommy friends about always feeding her son peanut butter or cheese. Looks like I'm turning into her!)

And just to complete the progression of messy lunches, here's Sunday's lunch of spaghetti. What a mess! Here's what I'm learning about toddlers (or at least mine): when they don't show interest in food, it's probably because it's not messy enough. The messier the food, the longer he'll consider eating it!

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  1. This post sounds all too familiar! We struggle with getting our toddler to eat too! Hubs keeps saying "it will be better when he understands bribes" hahaha ;)


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