Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting Ready For Round 3

It's time, again. Time to head into downtown Atlanta to minister to the homeless. This will be our youth ministry's 3rd trip, and my 2nd. You can read about my first trip here.

This time, instead of passing out hygiene bags as we share the Gospel, we'll be passing out coats and blankets. We might be enjoying some mild winter weather down here, but it's still cold out there -- especially when you're not bundled up.

A month ago, we began to ask our church family to donate any coats, sheets, or blankets they could spare. I don't know why I'm so shocked by what they gave. Our church has a long history of giving above and beyond. And they certainly didn't slack this time around, either.

Each item we give out will have one of these tucked inside. We will talk and pray with each person we give to, but you can never share Jesus or His love too much.

We've got a giant mound of blankets and sheets. We've got a pile of women's coats that weigh more than me. We've got more men's jackets than I can count. And just look at that pile of kids' coats. We are going to make some little ones smile, for sure!

We spent Wednesday evening with our students sorting coats and blankets, stuffing them with the Gospel, and bagging them up. If I could say only one thing about our kids, it's that they are hard working. They make me proud.

For the kids we'll see at the last stop, we made goody bags. Last time, one of the regulars brought chewing gum and granola bars. They were a hit with the kids. I just know they're going to flip over our bags!

We go next Saturday. We would appreciate your prayers -- for open and receptive hearts and for boldness and compassion on our parts. Pray that we are sensitive to where God guides us on that day. Pray for souls to be saved.  Thank you!

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