Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Wordless-ish Photo Dump

I've got all these photos to share and no logical way to share them.

So I'm dumping them on you. Enjoy.

My boy loves him some bubbles.

Gotta get that last drop.

Goofing off with dada.

How much can a little guy carry? We don't play with toys these days. We carry them around. And sometimes drop them in the toilet.

Baby gate fun.

Independent play. I love watching him become creative.

Sloppy Joe night. The boy was in Heaven.

 then, she {snapped}NapTime MomTog


And now it's time for an edit.

This week's photo is brought to us by Linda from Coach House Crafting, and can I just say, Linda, next time you go to this place, take me with you. Please? I will love you forever. That place is beautiful.

Here's the image SOOC:

And here's my edit:

I brightened up the image and sharpened it up. I added some contrast and increased the saturation. Then I cloned out the little boats on the right and the funky looking clouds in the top right-hand corner. And voila.

Here's a comparison:

Whatcha think?
Edit Me


  1. Oh my goodness. Your little guy is soooo adorable. Love all these shots. The bath shots are great and I love what you did with the edit me shot.

  2. Great idea to crop out the boat in you challenge me edit. It looks gorgeous.
    I love the shots of your little dude! Cute!!

  3. It feels so bright and warm now! I wanna go there, too. Stop and get me on your way. ;) Nicely done!

  4. I like this edit! The erased boats and the pucnhier, bright colours make it look so warm and inviting!
    Thank you


  5. Looks Great. Awsome job.

  6. Your edit is gorgeous!...but I want one of blonde cherubs. So cute!

  7. Lovely edits and how cute is your little guy?? He reminds me of my almost 3 year old at that age. Boys are so fun arent they??

  8. Your son is adorable, I love that bleach blonde hair.

  9. Your sweet boy is adorable! And that edit is great!

  10. Your sweet boy is adorable! And that edit is great!

  11. Your boy looks so happy. That bath toy in the pictures looks really neat. I really like your nice clean edit as well.


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