Friday, January 20, 2012

This Momtographer Is Back in the Game!


So here's the deal. I've been a lazy momtographer lately. Now that we've got some legitimate cold weather, the boy and I are usually cooped up inside the house for most of the day. And while inside keeps us nice and cozy, it also keeps me from snapping some good pictures.

You know the drill ... I open every blind in the house, set my camera to settings that may, hopefully, allow enough light in the camera, and dial down the shutter speed in attempts to get proper exposure.

And all I get are grainy pictures of blurs. Not the crisp, bright pictures I love.

And use the flash? Never. I hate the shadows. They literally make my blood pressure rise.

So you can imagine my joy when Mr. Mailman delivered my new prized possession this week: a lightscoop. How did I ever live without this thing? I now have the power to take decent pictures indoors. With no natural light. And they look pretty good, too.

As an added and unintended bonus, it completely captivates my kid. Hello, eye contact!

Cohen has discovered the self-portrait. he loves climbing into my lap and will sit so still and patient while I snap the picture. Of course, he demands to see the picture immediately and likes to press the buttons on the camera.

I can take pictures of dinnertime again! At 6:30 PM when it's pitch black outside. And no more blurs, because the shutter speed is set to 200!

Nighttime play? No problem. I can get all the action with no threat of blur. It's a wonderful thing, this lightscoop.

Want a lightscoop of your own? You can buy it here. I had a gift card, so I only ended up paying $3 for it.

I am one happy mama.

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  1. I have heard of the lightscoop and it sure does make a difference! I am not a fan of camera flash. I have a 430ex but it stopped working and I have yet to figure out what the problem is! I am going to take a look into purchasing a lightscoop! Thanks for sharing!


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