Friday, August 12, 2011

Things On My Heart

    My sweetness playing with his car
  • I talked about sweet little Caden yesterday. He seemed to have a good and restful day yesterday. Praise the Lord. The power of prayer is so evident in this situation. If you are praying for the Stanleys, thank you and please keep on.
  • This week, the counties around me went back to school. As a teacher turned SAHM, it is a strange feeling to be out and about during school hours. It's very eerie to look around and see very few people. At one point earlier this week, I felt like I should call in sick to my former school.  
  • Cohen turned 9 months old on Wednesday. At the beginning of the week, I could get him to stand up and then let go of him, and he'd slowly sink to the floor. Like this:
By the end of the week, he's now letting go on his own and standing strong for a good 10 seconds before he tumbles forward. I also caught him cruising from one piece of furniture to another. Once he gets his confidence up, I know he'll start taking steps.
  • Tomorrow, we are taking the students from our youth group into downtown Atlanta to pass out hygiene kits to the homeless. We're joining up with a group that goes on a weekly basis. They went in January to pass out blankets and coats (I couldn't go because I had an itty bitty baby). I cannot even describe the servants hearts our youth have. They take every opportunity to serve others. I am so proud of them. Please pray for us. Yes, we will be passing out hygiene kits, but most importantly we will be sharing the Gospel with everyone we meet.
  • Last night, hubby told me I am creating a monster. Every time I pick up my camera, Cohen starts posing. But with a subject this adorable, how can I help it? :)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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