Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless-ish Wednesday #2

Linking up with Jenni from the blogThe Paper Mama, and  From Dates to Diapers  for Wordless Wednesday

It's impossible to be completely wordless this week, so I'll let my words be few.

Monday afternoon, I heard Cohen jabbering and squealing away in his room after he had woken up from his nap. This is what I walked into:

If you're thinking, "Oh that baby found his mommy's hidden stash of candy bars!" you'd be wrong. Very wrong.

So after three baths (one to get the mess off, then out to sanitize the tub, back in for a real bath, and then one last bath for good measure), he's spick and span, but not too happy about it:

He smells fresh and clean again, far better than the alternative, I promise.

On another note, I'm linking up again with Paper Mama for my second submission to the photo contest. Topic: eyes. My baby's got pretty ones.

The Paper Mama

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  1. Oh please God never let me find my baby like this- lol... mommy life is oh so glamorous.


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