Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cohen is 9 months old

Ok, technically, Cohen turned 9 months old last week, but, silly me, I didn't get around to writing this letter until this morning. So we're just going to pretend he's 9 months old today, mmmmkay?

Dear Cohen,

Today you are 9 months old! It seems hard to believe most days that just nine months ago, you were so little and helpless. Those words definitely don't describe you now!

You are the brightest ray of sunshine in my life. You are smiley and giggly and full of energy. And it begins when you first wake up! I love walking into your room every morning and seeing your huge smile spread across your face. Lately, when you see me, you start whispering, "Mama ... mama... mama," which is pretty great, too.

You have "Mama" and "Dada" down pat. You only say "Mama," during the day, but when daddy comes home, you switch to "Dada." You know how to give high fives, and you are very quick to give them! You like to clap (you have the cutest way of clapping -- melts my heart every time), and wave to people. You even wave to people on Sesame Street! You are trying to learn how to blow kisses, but right now it just looks like you're waving at your face!

This month, you have started standing on your own. You get so proud of yourself when you realize that no one's helping you! Your daddy and I are very proud of you too, and we can't believe that you're doing it so early. But you've done everything early, so I guess we should have expected it!

You have 6 teeth (4 top front teeth and 2 bottom front teeth), but you've got some pesky bottom back teeth that are trying to come in. They bother you a lot, and last weekend, they actually made you really sick. You had a fever and lost all your energy. Your daddy and I were so scared and felt so bad for you. We just wanted to take it away for you. You were a trooper, though, and got better quickly.

You are a wild man! You love to explore and discover things. You like to climb the stairs, and if we're not watching you close enough, you'll be up the stairs and exploring in a matter of a few minutes. We have to block off the stairs with the dog crate, but you've learned how to shake the crate so it moves enough for you to get by. How did you get to be so smart?!

You love your bottles! You are actually pretty obsessed with them. It doesn't even matter whose bottle it is, you just know you want it. You get 4 5-oz bottles a day, and you eat 3 meals and lots of snacks throughout the day. You are a really good eater and will eat anything I give you. Your favorite foods are diced carrots and green beans. You eat fruits, but they don't seem to be your favorites. You really don't like blueberries, but you eat them when I give them to you. You're such a good boy. You love to snack on Cheerios and puffs, and this month we discovered yogurt. You went crazy for yogurt! You also like to try anything that daddy or I are eating, too.

We go to the doctor for a check up next week, so I don't know your official weight, but when we get on the scale together, you add about 21 pounds. You are getting very long, too. In just the last month, your body has gotten too long for your 6 month clothes. 9 month clothes are even fitting a little too well. It looks like we might skip 9 month clothes and just move on to 12 month clothes!

Lastly, you are my best cuddlebug. You love nothing more than when I lay down on the floor, because that means you get to crawl on top of me. You like to lay your head on my chest and give kisses. Your kisses are a big open-mouth slobber, but I love them because they come from you. When you get sleepy, you like to snuggle in my arms and rub my face. How did I get so lucky to have you?! You are my favorite little boy in the whole world, and I love you to the moon and back!

Until next month, I love you, little boy.

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