Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Week According to iPhone v.3

Monday, Cohen literally woke up playing. Driving cars on Mommy's leg? Sounds like a good time. Running out of milk? Not so fun. We did some mid-morning grocery shopping, ate chicken soup for lunch (sat right next to the air conditioning vent, thankyouverymuch), and marvelled at the beautiful sky. Skies like that make me think that Jesus is coming back right that minute. When we got home, Cohen organized our supplies, played in the ball pit, and played a game of Ready, Set, Go! with his daddy.

Tuesday, we pretty much spent the entire day hanging out at the mall. Cohen played with his friends, got way too excited when the train drove past the play area (so of course we had to ride it), rode the carousel, and found a free balloon. After the fun, I got down to business of finding him a backpack (goodbye diaper bag! The big boy is now carrying his own diapers!). We finished up our trip with a giant chocolate chip cookie, watching the big kids play in the fountains outside, and crashing hard on the way home (don't worry -- Mommy didn't crash).

Wednesday started earlier than usual with the arrival of our little friend (who has some of the most delicious thigh rolls ever). The living room turned back into baby central, and I won't lie -- I kind of liked it. Cohen caught up of some of his reading while rain clouds rolled in. The rain ruined my plans of grilling turkey burgers, so they had to be pan fried instead -- still delicious! At church, Cohen pranced around with his new backpack and almost killed me with all his cuteness. In anticipation of our upcoming trip to Atlanta to minister to the homeless, we put together 104 hygiene kits to pass out this weekend.

Thursday, Cohen decided he needed to wear his hat all morning long -- even at breakfast. Then I packed up the babies (smack in the middle of nap time) to meet Travis to sign some papers so we can refinance our mortgage. The babies were awesome during the signing, but fell asleep the minute we got back in the car. That afternoon, we played with cars, and then we went to the park where Cohen sat in a big boy swing all by himself. We ended our night with ice cream, and I'm not positive the boy actually ate any of his ice cream.

Friday, we went out to meet some friends at Chik-fil-a all dressed up as a cow (see the ears?), but the second I pulled into the parking lot, I began to feel a little ragey at all the people, so we skipped our free chicken and headed to the dollar store instead. Cohen got some new animal toys, so he was happy. That evening, we got some much-needed rain as we drove to the grandparents' house. Cohen played a little game of keep-away with his grand-daddy, colored a picture at dinner, and did a little shopping. Back at his grandparents' home, he played well into the night before he decided that he did not, in fact, want to sleep there (which resulted in a midnight drive home for baby, daddy, and me).

Saturday morning, we headed back to the grandparents, and Cohen watched his grand-daddy on the tractor from the window. We all enjoyed a delicious breakfast, and then Travis and I headed into Atlanta to minister to the homeless and pass out lunches and hygiene kits. After a few hours (and a bunch of water), we headed back home. I couldn't tell you what happened that evening -- I was pretty much dead from exhaustion.

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