Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Week According to iPhone (v4)

Monday, we did a little grocery shopping, a little sandwish eating, a little Elmo watching, a little tractor playing, and a little veggie dinner-ing.

I wouldn't have even known Tuesday existed last week if it weren't for an awesome card in my mailbox. My pen pal sent me my first letter! And she's pretty awesome.

Wednesday, we ate frozen banana and chocolate smoothies for breakfast. When we got ready to run some errands, Cohen decided he needed to bring his snot sucker and nail clippers with him, and I decided that wasn't a battle worth fighting. I was more concerned that I had absolutely zero gas and was 2 miles from the nearest gas station (I made it!). We played around in Target, reading books and picking out stationary. During naptime, I wrote my second letter to my pen pal. We got a little rain, and then we played noodle hockey at church. Because nothing says, "I love Jesus" more than hitting others with pool noodles.

 Thursday, Cohen woke up happy! I tackled some laundry while Cohen impressed me with his imaginative play skills (he was "listening" to his heart). We visited daddy at work, and Cohen zonked out on the ride back home. I learned the easiest way to get my kid to drink lots of water is to put it in a giant styrofoam cup. Cohen played by himself a little, we cuddled a little, and rocked a mohawk before the day was over.

Friday started early as cleaning day. We ate pizza for breakfast, picked up the living room, and vacuumed and shampooed the carpet upstairs. We got a little creative with our lunch. Later that evening, Cohen colored a masterpiece while we ate dinner, and then we stayed in the car while Daddy ran some errands.

Saturday we woke up starving, so we packed up and headed out in search of a good breakfast. It took us an hour, but we got what we were looking for (and Cohen grew a milk beard). Back at home, I couponed and primped while Cohen napped and Daddy worked on his truck. We had bbq for dinner and played around at Lowes for the remainder of the evening. Sunday, God took my breath away with a beautiful sky.

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