Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Week According to iPhone (v1)

I'm trying out something new this week: documenting my week through iPhone pictures. It's supposed to be a year-long series, but let's be honest, I'm not all that great with commitment (hello, 1000 Gifts from the beginning of the year), so we'll just take this week by week and see if I can keep up. I will say, though, that the concept gels with my lifestyle pretty fantistically. Take pictures of what my kid does every day? Please, I got that.

Oh, and another thing, if you look over there on the side ( --------> ) you'll notice links to my other social media. I'd love for you to hang out with me there. Be forewarned, though, I'm super new at Instagram and Twitter (but I've got some pretty rockin' Pinterest boards, if I do say so).

Monday officially began with the delivery of our new little toy. We spent the rest of the day learning how to use it, playing in the pool, and eating.

Tuesday someone woke up on the right side of the crib and was ready to get out and do something. So we ran some errands: grocery store, library, Sam's (where Cohen spilled a gigantic cup of Diet Coke on the floor and made me want to crawl into the tiniest hole ever). All that fun wore him out, and when he finally woke up from his nap, it was dinner time. A little Yo Gabba Gabba and some soccer with daddy, and we called it a day.

Wednesday began rather dramatically with a screaming toddler in his crib. We eventually got our day started, and while I dressed, Cohen obsessed over his weight. We watched a gigantic Elmo and caught up on our reading. Then we stopped by our favorite frozen yogurt place, played on the nearby playground, and got some shopping done. We ended our Wednesday night the way we always do -- at church.

Thursday we woke up super excited about our playdate. Cohen and his buddy played (or fought) while us mommas talked about all kinds of nothing. Cohen fell asleep in the car (again!), and I caught up on some relaxing with a cold drink and a good book. I made a feel-good dinner complete with junky macaroni and cheese, and then we headed outside for some playtime.We ended our evening with a good splash-fest in the bathtub before Cohen headed off to bed.

Friday started off at one of our new favorite spots: Toddler Time at the library. Afterwards, we headed to Target to pick up a few items, and we bought lunch for Cohen there as well (is it bad that he gets so excited when he sees the cafe in Target now?). I sat in the back seat with Cohen while he ate his hot dog and I watched the temperature inch toward 100. We got home in time for Cohen to take a proper nap in his crib, and I wrote my first letter to my new pen pal, cleaned the living room, and kicked my feet up for a bit. When Travis got home, we headed back out in the crazy heat, ate some dinner, did some shopping, and somehow managed to find ourselves back at Target (and that cafe for an Icee). We came home, Cohen ruined my pretty, clean playroom, and then we went to bed.

Saturday started way too early, and I got to wake Cohen up for once. We travelled down south to visit family and stopped for some outlet shopping on the way. I had lots of time to read my book while the boy napped in the back seat. When we got to Nannie's house, we played with his new Radio Flyer wagon, tried on Nannie's pretty pink slippers, and caught up with everyone. Cohen slept most of the way back home, and when he woke up we got goofy. We got home a few minutes before bedtime and spent that time breaking in our new toy.

Sunday, Cohen woke up to his favorite breakfast: Nutrigrain bar and a banana while I discovered that my breakfast melted in the pantry (yogurt covered raisins should always be refrigerated). We went to church, Cohen squealed with delight when he saw his grandparents, and we went to lunch. Afterwards, we relaxed at home, and I worked on the blog while the dogs stared at me. We headed back to church for choir practice, a little bit of baby singing, and huge excitement over rain (finally!)

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