Friday, July 6, 2012

Custom Made

I was talking with my momma friends this week about sleep -- mainly how we feel like we don't get enough of it. I think it started when I complained about falling asleep at 10, waking up at 8 the next morning and still feeling exhausted.

The other mammas? They don't get nearly as much sleep, and they let me know it, too. And it made me take a minute to thank God for one more way that He created Cohen so perfectly for me. Because Lord knows I couldn't handle a baby who didn't sleep well and long.

I think about how perfect my little boy is for me. He's a perfect match, and there's no way I could tweak or change any part of his personality to make him any better of a fit for me. God knows what He's doing, that's for sure. And I think about the 9 months we prayed for a baby, the the prayers I sent up that probably sounded a whole lot more like whining and complaining instead of praising Him for His perfect timing. I often imagine Him responding to those prayers with a chuckle and a sigh and a shake of the head that is reserved for those who just don't get it. Don't you see? I'm making the perfect baby for you. You can't rush this.

This "close to 2" time is so much fun. Every day, he says something new. He learns new things from us. He gets funnier and funnier. His personality breaks through day by day and just shines. And I find myself stopped in my tracks, just watching him be him. I read in one of the numerous baby development emails that a child's personality is basically established by his 2nd birthday. Basically, by 24 months old, he is what he is. And I am so happy about that. Because, y'all, my kid is cool.

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