Friday, July 27, 2012

Things I Never Want To Forget

How he climbs in my lap and gets right in my face and says, "Hi!"
How he does not like his hands to be dirty.
How music makes him dance.
How he rests his head on my shoulder when his heart is broken.
How he will start off singing one song and finish it with "twinkle staaaaar."
How he counts to eight but always skips the number six.
How excited he gets to see his grandparents.
How ketchup makes everything taste good.
How he owns over 200 cars but still has a favorite one.
How he says "Ready, set, go!" to initiate tickles or snuggles or wrestling.
How he sounds like the birds from Finding Nemo when he says "More? More? More?"
How he wants a bite of whatever I'm eating.
How he climbs in my lap to read a book.
How he lets me hold him while we watch Yo Gabba Gabba.
How anticipating a tickle is almost as fun as the tickle itself.
How he grabs my face with both hands when he gives kisses.
How milk makes him sleepy.
How, at the sound of the garage door opening, he starts yelling, "Daddy!"
How he says, "Hi!" to every stranger we pass.
How, when strangers talk to him, he points to me and says, "Mamma."
How soft and raspy his little voice sounds.
How he snorts when he laughs (just like me).
How innocent he is and how sweet his eyes are.
How his smiles light up his entire face.
How curious he is about everything.
The way my heart feels like it will explode when he wraps his arms around me for a hug.

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