Monday, March 18, 2013

Menu Planning Monday, v. 9

Every once in a while, the stars align and the heavens shine down upon you. Birds chirp and flowers bloom wherever you take a step. You may even catch a glimpse of a unicorn. And you just know life is perfect.

I kid about the unicorn.

But I'm not kidding about this week. Without any planning or extra work on my part, I've managed to score an Entire. Week. Of. No. Cooking. An entire week! How blessed.

Saturday night, we met with my family at Maggiano's to celebrate my stepdad's birthday, and we took advantage of a deal: for $40, Travis and I ordered an appetizer, 2 pasta entrees, and a dessert. And as a bonus, we received 2 more large pasta entrees to bring home for another night. If you've even been to Maggiano's, you know the portions are huge, so one plate can feed 2 people. Sounds like 2 dinners to me.

And as if that wasn't enough, after church yesterday, we attended a Sunday School lunch and brought home some leftover potato salad, but not before we stopped by Travis's parents' house and picked up some already cooked tenderloin and potato soup.

I mean, people were just throwing food at us.

So here's my weekly menu, no cooking required:

Leftover Maggiano's Lasagna
Crusty, buttery French bread

Leftover tenderlion
Leftover potato salad
Leftover black-eye peas (from the freezer)
heck, I may bake a cornbread

Leftover Maggiano's Baked Ziti
French bread

Leftover potato soup
Giant deli sandwiches

Date Night

Kitchen's closed

Leftovers after church

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  1. It's a leftover week here too! We have a TON of leftover ziti from last week and lots of tacos from our engagement party. Besides, Tim is leaving town on Thursday.


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