Friday, March 8, 2013

Reflections from a week without him

I alluded to it a little, but I didn't come right out and say it: my husband has been in Chicago for business since Sunday. I didn't want to shout to all the Internet that Hey! I'm all by myself with a toddler this week! Robbers and murderers come over! but it's been difficult not talking about it because there have been quite a few precious Cohen stories regarding daddy's trip.

Like how he says, "Daddy is in Cago. He ride in a airplane! It so so cool!"

Or how his first experience with snow just happened to be through a video chat with his daddy. And the fact that it was real snow and not just dinky Georgia snow? Awesome.

Anyway, this was the longest amount of time that Travis and I have been apart since before we got married 7 years ago. And it was tough. You don't realize how much you really like a person until they're not around.

Here's what I learned this week :

1. I find myself working extra hard to make the days more fun for Cohen. I don't want him to be sad that daddy's not here.

2. It really shocked me when I went to brush my teeth the first time and saw that his toothbrush was missing.

3. Every creak of the house sounds like an axe murderer is breaking in. The dogs are on permanent guard duty, and I keep reminding myself how to load a gun.

4. With daddy not around, things are much more relaxed, and our schedule is more like a suggestion rather than a rule. Apparently, he's the glue in this family.

5. When I have the bed to myself, I sleep on his side and use his pillow.

6. With the absence of Daddy, Cohen has become quite the snuggle bug. He requests to eat breakfast in the big bed each morning, and we snuggle under the covers for at least an hour. He asks for lots of snuggles throughout the day, too.

7. Midweek, I thought I was going to go mad with how energetic Cohen was. I either got used to it, or he mellowed out.

8. Travis and I have talked on the phone more in the past week than we have since we were dating.

9. We seem to miss each other most just before we go to bed. Most nights, around 11, one of us would text "you still awake?" which would lead to one last phone call of the day.

10. The ability to video chat has been a blessing. It's done my heart well to hear Cohen giggle with glee at the sight of his daddy.

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