Monday, March 4, 2013

Menu Planning Monday, v.7

Happy March! Is it Spring yet? I miss the nice, warm weather. Cohen misses the park. We both miss not being cooped up in the house and forced to stare at each other all day long.

I digress.

This week is a little off for us -- we're not sharing a single weeknight meal with Daddy. So that means I'm not cooking much, and what I do cook is centered around Cohen and what he loves to eat. Cohen's a happy dude.

French bread pizzas and cheesy breadsticks
Little donut holes from Krispy Kreme
we will be eating this meal on the sofa bed and by the soft light of a Disney movie. Cohen is quite excited about our little picnic
Messy roast beef sandwiches
potato chips
apple sauce
cookie decorating night

Mommy/Cohen date night
Turkeys in a Quilt (a variation of pigs in a blanket but with turkey dogs and whole wheat bread dough)
Mac and cheese with broccoli
we will be eating this meal under a blanket fort until Cohen starts to get his mac and cheese all over the place.
Kitchen's closed!
Mommy/Daddy date night -- Cohen will be with his grandparents
Kitchen's closed

Youth potluck night at church. I'll be making a veggie pizza.

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