Friday, December 16, 2011

Top 6 From the Past 6 Years

In honor of our 6th anniversary, I thought I'd pull out my 6 favorite pictures from married life. That was a hard task! I started out with a folder on the desktop titled Favorite 6 ... only there were 27 pictures in it. As I slowly whittled the pictures down, it really hit me: what a blessed marriage we've had so far. We've had ups and downs, fruitful times and lean times ... and then really lean times. We've had really wonderful years and years that we were glad to say, "See ya!" to. We've grown up. We've grown together. It can't get much better than that.

Our wedding day, December 17, 2005. We were such babies then. I was 21 and he was 22. We were idealistic and crazy about each other. I love how happy we were to have just been declared husband and wife.

First day of our honeymoon, December 18, 2005. There was a lot of love and happiness floating around.
Disney World trip, May 2006. Our first year of marriage was one of learning about each other. And we learned a lot. We argued a lot, too (we were just kids, after all). But even through all that, we loved each other and loved being with each other. Not a day goes by that I could imagine not being with that man.

May, 2005. He really is my Prince Charming.
Puerto Rico trip, June 2009.  This was such a wonderful time in our lives. I had just finished my first year of teaching, Travis had just been offered the youth minister job at church, and about a week later, we would decide to start trying for a baby. When I think about the happiest, most carefree time of my life, I think about this picture. And look at how handsome my husband is -- I am a blessed girl, for sure.
Cohen's birth, November 10, 2010. Our very first family picture. I look like a hot mess because I had just gone through a diaster of a birth, but I love the look of sheer joy on my husband's face.

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