Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas, Indeed.

Merry Christmas! What a wonderful few days we've had around here. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the family time we've gotten lately.

We kept our gift-giving simple this year. Partly because we've been flat broke, but also partly because we're starting to really appreciate that the best gifts are not always expensive or full of the newest technology. The best gifts are usually the ones that celebrate family and give back to others.

This year, we really focused on those two concepts. We gave photobooks full of pictures from our most recent family photo shoot. Now that the recipients have their books, I can't wait to share some of those precious pictures with you.

We also gave Asher Bracelets. Those bracelets were so special to give, and I loved sharing about how God is using this ministry to save people's lives. Asher Bracelets have currently raised $6,000 -- that's enough money to pay for 6 life-saving surgeries for babies in Uganda. And the organization that is performing the surgeries, Cure International, is matching the donations. I am so blessed just seeing what God is doing with a few beads and some scraps of fabric.

We spent our morning at church celebrating the birth of our Savior. What a special time it is when Christmas falls on a Sunday!

Afterwards, we headed over to Dada's parent's house to eat breakfast and exchange gifts. Cohen was very impressed by the tree and the mound of gifts.

He didn't really get it at first. He doesn't care much for pretty boxes, but once he saw that inside those boxes sat fun toys for him, he became more interested. My sweet boy was so overwhelmed by all his presents. He didn't know what to do.

Afterwards, we made to trip to my family's house for dinner and even more presents. By now, Cohen was beginning to master present opening, and by the time we were done, he was a pro.

We took a break from presents to play with the robots. Cohen did not like seeing the robots punch each other, and he was constantly trying to break up the fights. My little peace-maker.

This cracks me up. Cohen got a giant tub of cheese balls. Cohen loves it, and he will put his hand in and take one at a time.

My little music man got lots of musical instruments. He loves banging on his drums and dancing. We're learning how to sing into the microphone, too.

All ready to help Dada cut the grass!

Happy Birthday, Jesus! I hope you were honored through our celebrating. Thank You for the best gift no one else can give -- the gift of salvation!

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