Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 11 of '11

Today I'm joining in Naptime Momtog's fun and participating in the Top 11 (pictures I took of my kid) of '11.

Naptime Momtog

1. February (3 months old)

One of the sweetest days of this year was the day Cohen was dedicated in our church. Afterwards, the entire family joined together for lunch. Poor Cohen was so sleepy and getting so fussy, so my mom stole off with him for some quality snuggle time. It was a sweet moment to spy on.

2. March (4 months old)

This was taken the morning after Cohen had his first taste of pureed baby food. I know that because I remember how amazed I was at the personality that exploded out of my son once he started eating food. We had just gotten home from church, and I was taking off his clothes so he could nap comfortably. Only, the shirt got stuck on his head. After a few tugs, I realized that my son was giggling. He thought it was so funny that the shirt was stuck on his head!

3. April (5 months old)

Baby's first Easter. Coloring eggs with his grandma and great-grandma. This is a picture (and a moment) that I will treasure forever.

4. May (6 months old)

Memorial Day weekend, the first day of my new job as a Stay-At-Home Mom. Cohen's first time in a swimming pool. We were both so happy that day.

5. July (8 months old)

In July, we took a family trip to the beach, and we learned that Cohen hated the ocean. Like, hated-hated it. He was terrified of the waves that crashed around him, the loud noises, the excitement going on all around him. But he loved the sand, and he loved crawling around and being able to explore. That's my son -- always wanting to be free.

6. July (8 months old)

If you have ever wondered if my kid has a sense of humor, this picture should prove to you that, yes, he does indeed. In fact, that boy is probably one of the funniest people I know. He has always been so fascinated with the dog crate. He loves to open the door and let the dogs out. On this day, I turned my back on him for a few minutes only to find that he had let the dogs out and climbed in himself. Of course, many giggles followed.

7. August (8 months old)

Those eyes. That face. Those tears. I mean, how could you not love this picture?

8. August (9 months old)

A few days after Cohen turned 9 months old, he started standing on his own. And, I kid you not, the very first time he stood up, he also took his first step and his first jump. My little guy has always been so determined to go go go, so we worked really hard to get him there. I love that my husband caught this moment of pure joy and pride.

9. September (9 months old)

This was our first trip to the park. He loved the swings. He loved the slides. He loved the mulch. This was the first time I looked at a picture of my son and realized that he wasn't a baby any more at all -- he was a littl boy. And you know what? I was OK with it.

10. October (11 months old)

Cohen's first Halloween was such a fun day. He dressed up as Max from Where The Wild Things Are, and let me tell you, he was the cutest Max I've ever seen. He was not shy about walking up to strangers and taking their candy (hmmmm.... maybe we need to have a little talk about that). He loved his tail. His daddy and I loved all his candy.

11. November (1 year old)

Props to dada for taking this picture. Can you feel the love, or can you feel the love? That boy is a treasure.

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  1. GORGEOUS PICS!!!! He's such a Sweetie!! And what a talented wee man up and about so early!! You guys are raising such a happy strong boy!!! :)

  2. Great shots. I really love the tear shot. Gorgeous eyes.

  3. He is certainly a cutie! I love watching little ones grow!

  4. Oh my, too much cuteness. I just love that grin, chubby arms/things, and beautiful eyes. I can tell he is all over the place and it is fun.

  5. These are so beautiful! You captured such wonderful moments! I really love and laughed at the dog cage image! I think I have one similar :O) What a fun photo! The one of him crying is wonderful! I love when parents capture ALL their kids emotions...the good with the bad :O) Thanks for linking up with us!


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