Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life Lately, in a list

1. I can't get enough cinnamon. French toast is my best friend right now.

2. I worked 30 hours in 3 days last weekend. And the thing I kept thinking about is that it was 30 hours of missing out on what Cohen was doing. 30 hours of him hugging someone other than me, depending on someone else. I may have a problem.

3. There's been a lot of this going on lately:

4. And some of this, too. Those itty bitty baby clothes have been washed and hung up twice since last Tuesday.

5. All of this is leading me to believe that nesting is starting up. I am overwhelmed with the need to get stuff done, now. It's killing me that the nursery isn't painted yet. Or that we haven't even thought about cribs yet. And I haven't started on the bedding yet. Killing me.

6. I fear my backside is growing at the same rate as my belly.

7. I cannot wait until Spring arrives and brings the warmer weather with it. Cohen and I are getting some serious cabin fever, and I just want to spend time with friends again.

8. I bought this Hot Wheels Jeep at the consignment sale last week for $37. And Cohen? Obsessed with it. The only problem is that the weather hasn't exactly been appropriate for playing outside. So basically my kid thinks I'm the meanest mommy on the planet for keeping him away from his favorite toy.

9. Cohen has claimed my iPhone as his own. He plays Thomas the Train games and VeggieTales games like a champ. He's really good at playing matching games and putting together puzzles and learning new shapes, so I feel like this is a teaching tool. The problem, though, is that now my 2 year old has an iPhone, and I no longer have one.

10. I really enjoy watching Cohen's little mind hard at work. He's putting together complete (and long!) sentences correctly, and the extent of his vocabulary shocks me. He talks all the time, narrating life as we live it. It's awesome.

11. I think about pizza a lot.

12. We spend the bulk of our week in pajamas. Cohen has started to become very excited when I get out the real clothes because he knows we're about to leave the house.

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