Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Planning Monday, v. 4

It's Monday again! Crazy how that happens -- I feel like I just got over last week's Monday.

We've had a bit of a strange weekend over here. Nothing earth-shattering or bad or anything. Just ... weird. And childless.We spent Friday night serving dinner to our church as a fundraising opportunity for our youth group. We have a weekend trip to Gatlinburg planned for April, and our church provided us this opportunity to help them pay for their trip. So the students served dinner and babysat children on their Friday night. Here's the cool thing (I love to brag on God): we needed to raise $510 for each student who worked to get to go on the trip. We received $510. Do you have chills yet? I do.

Saturday we went to a dinner party with our Sunday School class. Man, I love those people. They are genuinely good people. And good cooks, too. There is nothing quite like church lady food. I'm serious. If you don't regularly get treated to church lady food, you are missing out on life. Which brings me to Sunday -- we had a potluck after church with our students and parents. More church food. Yum. 

And now my stomach is thinking "What's with this banana for breakfast, lady?"

This week will be jam-packed and super tiring. It's consignment sale time! I'm working it, and life pretty much revolves around the sale this week. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm starting to look forward to opening up the kitchen a little more in the coming weeks.

Here's what we're eating this week:

                  Best Rolls Ever                                           Hamburger Steaks                                  Hawaiian Bread French Toast

Kitchen's Closed!!!
Shopping and then working the consignment sale all evening. 
Daddy and son are on their own.

Fried chicken tenders
This dinner didn't happen. At all. Instead, I pulled out a leftover ham and potato casserole from the freezer.

This meal got moved to the next night, Valentine's Day. Instead, we ate Frito Pies with homemade chili.

Thursday (Valentine's Day)
leftover Crock Pot Mac and Cheese
Sweet Peas
Didn't happen. We ate Wednesday's dinner instead. Nothing more man-pleasing than bacon, if you ask me). Travis said this meal was one of the best meals I've ever made for him. And, I swear, balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling -- at least in my imagination, it did. Victory.

Kitchen's closed!
Consignment Sale

Kitchen's closed
Consignment Sale

Leftovers after church

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