Monday, November 14, 2011

The Birthday Party

This weekend, we celebrated my boy. And, let's be honest, we also celebrated the fact that Dada and I managed to keep a human being alive for an entire year. It's a pretty big accomplishment.

We had a great day partying it up. The weather was gorgeous, the food was good, the people were fantastic, and the presents were plentiful. Cohen loved having so many people showering him with attention. He loved sharing his toys with his buddies. He loved snacking on hot dogs and tator tots and especially cake. My child loves cake. Probably more than hot dogs. And that's saying something.

The day was all about him, and it was absolutely perfect. But, good night, it was exhausting. We are all still trying to recover from such a big weekend. Seriously, my brain is fried, which is the reason I'm going to stop typing now and just show pictures.

Because, really, that's the best part of the blog, anyway.

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