Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Year Ago -- a Wordless-ish Birth Story

As I type this morning, with Super Why blaring on the television, pieces of half-eaten french toast stuck to my pant leg, and toys, toys and more toys strewn across the living room, and can't help but think back 365 days and marvel at how life has changed.

365 days ago, my son and I were strangers. Now we are inseparable.

365 days ago, I was preparing to go to the hospital to be induced. Now I am preparing for a 1st birthday.

365 days ago, life seemed like a long process, with weeks and months dragging by. Now it passes in a flash.

I was not a happy pregnant chick. I was miserable most of my pregnancy and generally just felt sorry for myself. Plus, I was impatient.

So when my doctor became concerned that I was displaying signs of preeclampsia and wanted to get the baby out as soon as possible, I was thrilled. I was scheduled to be induced on 11/10, at 39 weeks.

I had a quick and pretty easy labor, even though the epidural only numbed the left side of my body. I remember laying in the bed, breathing through the contractions after the nurse announced I was ready to push thinking, "This isn't so bad at all. All those women on TV are wimps."

And then the delivery happened. Cohen came fast and furious, and no one was ready for him. The doctor was nowhere to be found, the nurse was frantic, and my body wanted him out. I became pretty hysterical around the time the nurse told me to stop pushing and wait.

How in the world do you tell a woman about to deliver her child to wait?

I don't remember much after that; I had lost my cool. My pain tolerance plummeted. My tolerance for anything, really, plummeted.

And then my baby was in my arms.

And he was beautiful. Perfect. Mine.

He was worth every nauseous day. Every back pain. Every headache. Every swollen ankle and every panic attack.

And as family flooded into the room, details of the birth were shared, and my mom was sure Cohen would be the only grandchild. She was sure I'd never go through that again.

But I'd do it every day. Because I have Cohen, and he's worth it.

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  1. So sweet! Isn't it crazy how time flies!!! I'm a new follower :)

  2. Happy Birthday to that sweet cutie pie of yours! :) I'm expecting mine everyday and I'm so ready!

  3. Happy Birthday Cohen!! I can't believe its been a year already!! Love that little man.


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