Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Cohen!

Dear Cohen,

Today you turn one year old.

I am trying to make this day all about you, but I'm having a little bit of trouble keeping my emotions under control. You don't seem to mind, though. You enjoy all the extra hugs and kisses. It's just that today marks the end of the best year of my life. You have truly rocked my world. You are such a gift, little boy. The best gift God could give.

Today also marks the beginning of the best year of my life because I know that as wonderful as my first year with you was, this next year is sure to be even better.

You are changing so quickly these days. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with you and all your new tricks. You are a mover, that's for sure. You like to walk, walk, walk. And sometimes you like to try to run. It doesn't usually turn out well for you, but you try. You do not like to be strapped down anymore. It makes strollers and carseats and grocery carts pretty impossible.

You have the biggest, most beautiful smile I've ever seen, and you flash it at me and Dada and anyone else you see regularly. You have such a sweet personality, and everyone comments on how happy you always seem to be. Don't get me wrong, you have your moments of screaming, crying fits, but for the most part you are a sweet, happy boy.

You are a sleeper, like me. You need your sleep. You will sleep for 12-14 hours at night, and then you take at least one 3 hour nap during the day. The recent time change has really messed you up, making you wake up earlier and need 2 naps during the day. If we are not at home, though, you will go all day long without a nap. In fact, you pretty much refuse to sleep anywhere except your carseat or crib. As long as people entertain you all day, you are happy.

You are very much a people person. You've never met a stranger, and you are quick to make yourself right at home any place we go. You will let anyone hold you and love on you.

I have noticed you "talking" more this month. Everything sounds like, "Da," but I know what it means based on context and how you say it. I know that if you say "dada" quickly, you are saying daddy. If you say "daaaaaaa da,"  and wave, you mean bye bye. "Dye dye" is night night and is usually followed with a wave. "Da" is dog. You are trying to say shoes but it sounds more like "zzzss" right now. You also say "nnnnnnah" while wave your arm around, which means no.

You have gotten really good with your hands this month. You can manipulate small objects really well. You also know how to put small objects inside of other objects.

You are understanding cause-and-effect relationships, and you like to test them. Your favorite trick these days is getting Mama and Dada to pay attention to you by attempting to knock over the floor lamp. Whenever you feel like we're not give you our full attention, you walk over to it (watching us the entire time), slooooooowly put your hands on it, smile, and rock the lamp back and forth. "No" is a funny word to you right now, but you seem to understand what it means because you'll walk by forbidden objects and say "nnnnnnnah".

Speaking of forbidden objects, you are obsessed with cell phones and tv remotes and the laptop. I let you carry around my cell phone when we're at home, and you never put it down. You are starting to put it up to your ear and "talk" to it. If I am using the laptop, you try to turn the screen towards you so you can see what's going on. You like to watch videos of yourself. You also like to change the channels on the tv -- you make sure we watch a variety of programs.

Your favorite tv show is Yo Gabba Gabba. It's the only time during the day that you sit absolutely still. You like to sit in Dada's lap and watch your show. You also like the moose on Nick, Jr. You always have. Even as a little baby, you'd turn your head when you'd hear his voice.

You are ticklish. You like to be chased. If somone has bare feet, you will tickle them. You give me hugs and big wet, open-mouth kisses all on your own. You like to dance when I sing. You take off your shoes and socks the minute you get in your carseat. You are active and curious and get into everything.

You are perfect. And so loved.

I pray for you every day. Multiple times a day, really. I pray for your safety and purity and growth in the Lord. I pray that you grow up to be a great man of God. I pray that He protects you from people who would wish you harm. Most importantly, I pray for your salvation. I know He's got great plans for you. He's already done such a great work just putting you in my life.

I am so blessed you call me Mama. I love you to the moon and back, little man. Happy birthday.


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  1. Nawww, he sounds like such a clever wee poppet!!! Your photos are absolutely Gorgeous!!! Happy Birthday Cohen!! :)


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