Monday, October 3, 2011

Good, Clean Fun

This weekend, Cohen and I discovered a fun way to get clean.

Bathtub paint.

Of course, you know I didn't come up with this brilliance on my own. Once again, Pinterest gets the credit. There are a boatload of DIY recipes for bathtub paint and tinted shaving cream and bath crayons. I picked the one that seemed easiest and cheapest to make. It didn't disappoint.

A bar of soap, some water, and some food coloring, and we had nearly an hour of fun. And for an on-the-go 10 month old to spend an hour in one place -- you know that's saying something!

After he'd had enough with the paint, I filled the tub up with water and removed the diaper for bathtime. Since the paint is just soap, I didn't even bother cleaning out the tub before the bath. So we had swamp-green bath water, complete with a few soap clump "floaters". And Cohen was thrilled.

I can see this being a recurring activity in our household -- expecially when the little mister is older and hates taking baths. I mean, what boy wouldn't want to make a mess like this and then take a "swamp bath"?

And the best part? Afterwards, I had a clean baby and a sparkling bathtub. Success.

Do you have any fun activities that your toddler enjoys? I'd love to hear them and test them out on my little one! Please leave me a comment with your ideas!

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