Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Saturday morning fairy tale

Sometimes, the stars align and the weather is absolutley perfect. The temperature is cool. The humidity is low. The breeze is soft. And you've just got to spend the entire morning some quality time basking in it.

Sometimes, you have a kid, and he enjoys the weather just as much as you do.

And sometimes, sometimes it just hits you that your kid is just too stinking cute. So you take a ridiculous number of pictures of him in the span of a few minutes.

Oh who am I kidding? That happens all the time around here.

The cute kid and ridiculous number of pictures part, not he weather part. Because down here, I rarely love the weather.

And sometimes the kid gets tired of being pretty for the camera and discovers a rather large stick. And that stick fascinates him.

And he, in his baby logic, decides a stick that awesome must certainly taste delicious. So ignoring his momma's instructions (man, it starts early doesn't it?), he takes a lick.

And his world is forever shattered because, well, that stick was just nasty.

And sometimes, the dog steals his stick, and all he can do is watch in defeat. And vow that one day, he'll get his revenge.

But then sometimes the kid decides to charm you with his cute baby walk. You know what I'm talking about -- the one where he looks like a little old man shuffling around. It can really melt your heart.

And he remembers he still has his truck. Now, let's be honest, is there really anything else a boy needs?

But then, as the sun rises higher in the sky and your belly starts rumbling because you were too lazy too fix yourself breakfast, sometimes your kid gets tired of being outside. He'll give you that pouty look that means he's over all this grass and fresh air.

And if you don't move quickly enough to bring him inside? Well, he'll just take matters in his own hands. I mean, he may be only 10 months old, but the kid knows what he wants.

And sometimes you get the message and take your kid inside.

And you both eat grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. And you snuggle on the couch and watch Blues Clues on dvr.

And after all that? You live happily ever after.

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