Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Last Day of October!

I think that's the best part of the day. Knowing that after today is over, we will wake up to November.

And great things happen in November -- like the boy's birthday. And Thanksgiving. And Black Friday. So excited.

And the best part? Like you didn't know. We get to turn the clocks back next weekend. An extra hour of sleep, y'all. Total bliss.

I am slightly nervous about how the boy will handle the time change. I am assuming that he'll just go to bed an hour earlier and wake up an hour earlier. So I guess I should say that I am slightly nervous about how I will handle the time change. I'll keep you posted on that riveting piece of information.

Anyway, back to the October 31 festivities.

The boy enjoyed a hearty breakfast of apple oatmeal. He's currently lying on the floor with his feet on the coffee table, watching Curious George and attempting to suck that last elusive drop of milk from his morning bottle.

Hopefully, he'll go down for a nap in an hour and sleep until about 2. Then we will pack up our gear and head over to my parents' house for lots of oooohing and aaaaaahing over the cute baby and a little bit of trick-or-treating, or as Dada likes to call it, "Give me Reeses, please."

I hope the little guy can pull out enough charm to get random strangers to fill his entire bag with candy.

And then, we'll go home, the boy will go to bed, and Dada and I will sit indian-style on the living room rug and divide the candy fairly between the two of us: Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat, and Skittles for me; Dum Dums, bubble gum , and the store-brand stuff for him.

That's only fair, right? I mean, I am the one doing the work here.

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