Friday, October 28, 2011

Boo Bag -- Mama Made It!

We are now officially ready for Trick or Treating festivities on Monday.

We've got our super-cute Max costume (made by Mom), so cute it's guaranteed to cause rational adults to throw handfuls of candy at our son. Candy that probably cost them $10 a bag.

Candy that Dada and I will surely enjoy for months on end.

And now, we've got a bag to hold all the loot in.  Totally handmade by Mom, a good use of a naptime.

I used this tutorial. I spent the most amount of time making my own pattern for the bag, because those apparently just don't exist. I mean, I know the bag is really just two large rectangles sewn together, and anyone with half their brain should be capable of cutting out 12x18" rectangles without a pattern. But, dang it, I want a pattern!

The bag is bigger than the boy, but it's sure to hold lots and lots of sugary goodness. We'll be able to use it throughout his candy-gathering career. Or until the thought of carrying around anything that, gasp, Mom made embarrasses him too much.

For now, it thrills him. And that makes me smile.

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  1. That's so Awesome!! He looks so chuffed with it! :)


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