Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No tricks here -- look at this treat!

Guys, I am a total success today.

I have just wrapped up my biggest sewing endeavor to date. And it looks pretty good.

And all for less than $20! I mean, you can't even buy a costume for that price!

Excuse me while I pat myself on the back. I'm so proud.

I know what you're thinking: "That's a nice costume. But what is it?"

You might be confused because you know I made this and the legs and arms and tail are in the right place. I know, right? I'm awesome.

Officially, it's a wolf.

But unofficially, can you tell by looking at this?

Uh huh, it's Max.

There's going to be a new wild thing walking around this Halloween. A super cute wild thing, if I do say so.

So obviously I didn't come up with this all on my own. I guess I should give credit where credit is due. Jess from Running With Scissors created this wolf costume along with a fox and a bear costume. They are all equally adorable.

You can see the costumes here. Isn't that fox the cutest? I think that's what we'll be doing next year.

I've mentioned before that I'm pretty stupid with the sewing machine. I make a lot of mistakes and get frustrated with most projects before I finish them. But I managed to get this one completed in a little over a week and with only a few snafus.

You know, like figuring out how to sew in a zipper.

But I'm pretty sure that says more about my ability than Jess's pattern.

And you want to know the most amazing part? She's selling the patterns for $6.


We're robbing her.

So if you've got a little one and you need a cute costume this year, do youself a favor and check Jess out.

Now, if only I could convince the hubby to be a wild thing, too...

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