Friday, September 9, 2011

Finding the Joy Friday, v3

Today I'm finding joy in

1. Discovering the park with my little guy. We had so much fun swinging and going down the slides. I have a feeling we'll be living there by the time Spring comes back around.

2. Watching the two most beautiful people in the world smile at us in the mirror. Cohen and I spent a good portion of our morning waving and pointing at ourselves in the mirror. So much fun to watch him discover and learn.

3. Warm pajamas that are way too big on a little guy. I bought them for the winter, but we're having to use them now. It's so cute to see him dwarfed by such big clothing. Especially when his feet come out of the footed part.

4. Anticipating a dinner tonight that I don't have to cook. Going out to eat is rare for us these days, so we really get excited about it when the opportunity arises. Tonight we're going out with the hubby's parents. They're taking us out because they miss us Cohen.

5. Being inspired to learn more about the mother of Jesus.

6. Reading the same books over and over again.

7. Sweeping and vacuuming the floors with the little guy. He loves to play with the vacuum while I clean. I'll let him play with cleaning tools allllll he wants. Heck, he can even clean with them when he's a bit older!

8. Puppy snuggles. They don't deal with cold well, so whenever the temperature drops, they become the best cuddlers. Cohen is enjoying the snuggles, too.

9. Surrendering things to the Lord.

10. Warm fudge brownies and a giant glass of cold milk. Someone needs to get these brownies out of my house before I eat the whole pan.

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